Obama The Apostate

Daniel Pipes writes that he was too raised (sort of) as a Muslim. And that means that his life is at risk not just because he’s a presidential candidate, but also because he’s a high-profile heretic, with a death sentence over his head, based on the teachings of his former religion. Not that it’s a reason not to vote for him in itself, but this strikes me as a much more interesting religious problem than either Romney or Huckabee have.

Of course, it’s also interesting that, in all its Obama worship, the MSM continues to try to whitewash this away, accusing Pipes of spreading “falsehoods.”

[Update a few minutes later]

Heh: “…isn’t it a bit odd that the leading candidate for ‘change’ is a Chicago Democrat?”

Speaking of Chicago, if it is perceived that Hillary steals the nomination from him now, via super delegates and the like, expect Denver to make the events from four decades ago in that city look like a matronly tea party.