Another Five-Year Anniversary

Such is the state of my disgust with the Bush administration that, it being my birthday, I probably won’t bother to listen to his State of the Union speech tonight. But I recall another SOTU speech, exactly five years ago (on a previous birthday), that contained the sixteen words that the media continues to tell the Big Lie about, in their continuing attempt to maintain the conventional wisdom that it was wrong to remove Saddam Hussein.

6 thoughts on “Another Five-Year Anniversary”

  1. Happy birthday Rand (one of the few days I don’t check your blog and it happens to be your birthday… heh ^_^).

  2. Happy Birthday.

    This pretty much backs up the 16 words:

    1,500 gallons of chemicals believed destined for attacks on U.S. and Iraqi forces and civilians.

    1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium and roughly 1000 highly radioactive sources.

    Warheads loaded with Sarin

    IEDs and artillery shells containing Sarin


    we did not wait until Hussein had the ability and chance to use them on US forces in the region. I was over there, and I’m damned glad we erradicated the son of a bitch and destroyed the WMDs we found.

    Secondly, the al Qaeda will cross borders no matter where we struck back, which is why I would have transformed Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan into asphalt parking lots on 12 September 2001. That’s how you fight a “jihad”. But, I’m a former Soldier, not a politician. The Islamofascist vision of a world Caliphate will continue unless we kill them all off. Our policy should be simple: you attack us, we annihilate you, your supporters, your country, everything.

    Duty, Honor, Country

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