8 thoughts on “I’m A Man, Baby”

  1. It’s a time waster for sure. I write on two sites and checked the homepage of each. Got a 72% and an 83%. Well Kinda manly but I knew I could do better. I checked a few of the pages (the ones most manly) and found an 87%. Ha Ha Ha manly indeed.

    Another time waster is http://www.addedbytes.com/tools/readability-score/ I am not sure where I found it, might even have been here. My first sample rated a seventh grade readability level. I could do better than that! I finally wrote a few paragraphs at a 30.72 grade level. I belong in the academy, or locked up.

    A sample:Perforce one must conceptualize a world-view parenthetically consistent with perceptual modalities contemporaneously determinable by usage of postmodernistic interpretation and allowing for appropriate deconstruction; agglomeration being insufficient and utterly nondeterministic in cases such as this, though the aforementioned does trend to rote application by those not necessarily skilled in such arcane—nay archaic—technical pursuit.

    I gave up aiming for higher as I almost understand that.

  2. My sample rated tenth grade for readability. Reading lower, I realized that they were saying that it took a tenth grade educational level to read my sample. Seems like a good average to me, lower won’t get the point across, and higher makes it more difficult to read.

  3. Yes, well, I plugged in Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, and it says you need 10.7 years of education to understand it.

    Do I think most of Lincoln’s 1863 audience had 10+ years of formal education? Ha ha.

    So then I plugged in the Preamble of the Constitution (“We the people…”), and I’m told it needs 22.7 years of education to understand.

    Well. No wonder only deep-thinking law professors are qualified to be President.

  4. Hmm. If I plug the Constitution into the sex analyzer — it’s not a “gender” analyzer, damn it: nouns have gender, living things have a sex — then it says the Constitution is 85% written by a man.

    Then again, if I plug in the Seneca Falls Declaration (demanding suffrage for women), we get 79% male.

  5. I put in the complete text from my two-week-old blog and got a 90% male rating, which is funny considering that my wife calls me the gayest straight man she knows. It’s probably just my good grooming and impeccable fashion sense.

    And a 10.76 grade level rating, which feels about right.

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