6 thoughts on ““Lies Take Longer To Coordinate””

  1. I suppose it would be churlish of me to point out that Obama is delaying the release of the information (as noted in the linked article) at the specific request of the District Attorney?

    Seems reasonable to me, but obviously I’m missing something.

  2. Fitzgerald must be waiting for some canary to sing and to catch some guileless snook with a terrible memory in a “lie” that opens the way to a charge of obstruction of justice. It’s a variation on the old “Statue of Scooter Libby” play that Fitzgerald has used with great success in the past. If they don’t play ball, squeeze ’em a little harder, Mr. Fitzgerald.

  3. I’m still in the camp hoping that Obama and/or his staff was complicit in bringing the issue to the attention of the FBI. I’m starting to fill this is pollyannish, since the denials keep slightly changing. Of course, the denials work for Blago’s defense as well. If Blago asks why the warrant for the wiretap, and the FBI says we received a tip from someone on Obama’s team, then it doesn’t help that Obama’s team is saying publicly they had no role.

    Regardless, I’m glad to see a thug like Blagojevich being held accountable.

  4. I’m always glad to see a thug go down, but it bothers me when I have the feeling he was thrown overboard by other thugs to take the heat off themselves.

    Oh, well. Sometimes I think if the thugs didn’t police themselves the herd would never be culled.

  5. “I have the feeling he was thrown overboard by other thugs to take the heat off themselves.”

    Yeah. There isn’t enough information to rule that out, and that is troublesome.

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