2 thoughts on “You Don’t Say”

  1. Well…he could turn out to be Lincoln, if he thoroughly stabs to death the patronizing well-off collectivists in the Democrat Party, and returns it to its plain folks American and Jacksonian roots. It’s still possible; Obama’s early actions have tended to point that way, regardless of his rhetoric. He could free the blacks, too, a second time, from their enslavement to their Democratic/SIEU masters, if he eschews the Jesse Jackson language of victimology and instead promotes a black culture of achievement. That would indeed put him in the company of Lincoln.

    We shall see. If he purges the academics and Streisand’s and Moore’s and Soros’s and Clinton’s from the power circles of the Democratic Party, returns it to the blue-collar worker and kicks the victim culture of black Americans out of doors, then I’d consider him in the company of Lincoln.

  2. Well, I don’t think we have to worry about Obama invading Virginia and imprisoning war protesters 🙂

    Would Honest Abe have joined an organization that would have as a member someone who set bombs off in government buildings?

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