9 thoughts on “That’s Faster Than Government Work”

  1. Invest in SpaceX? In a second! But then, I had money in Rotary Rocket… A lot of the bricks in the foundation of the X-prize success were laid early on at RR. I’m prouder of that money than money that vanished with WorldCom.

  2. Would anyone here invest in SpaceX?

    Why not? SpaceX has a good plan and a competent management team. The market is there too.

  3. On this one, I mostly agree with Rand. In my view, the great virtue of Elon Musk’s space project is that it’s privately funded. I’m not libertarian on all issues by any means, but libertarianism is the correct philosophy here.
    Good luck to him and good luck to the Falcon 9! Maybe some of the NASA folks who watch the launch at Cape Canaveral will be inspired to stop wasting their time and our money on the space shuttle and on ESAS. They should send job applications to SpaceX.

  4. Would anyone here invest in SpaceX?

    I’d invest in SpaceX far faster than I’d invest in NASA if given the choice. Unfortunately, as a taxpayer, I have no say or choice in the matter of NASA funding.

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