Wow, Does This Site Look Like Crap

…in Microsoft Explorer. It was the first time I’d looked at it there.

Any suggestions? I’m surprised that I haven’t gotten any complaints.

Or does everything look like crap in ME, and you just thought it was normal?

24 thoughts on “Wow, Does This Site Look Like Crap”

  1. It looks pretty crappy in Firefox, too.

    Also, nonunderlined links and/or links that can’t be detected because they’re not contrasting colors from plaintext really suck.

  2. It looks less crap in Chrome than my Firefox derivative, but both don’t look good. Not entirely sure what the problem with IE is.

  3. A quick look at the site in both FF and IE7 I would guess that the sytle sheet is attempting to use some of the new features of CSS that don’t work in IE (MS says they will in IE8). FF looks ok, but I suspect an earlier version of it will look pretty bad as well. It all has to do with using the tags instead of tables to format the three column page layout. It gets tricky when trying to support all the browsers.

  4. My initial guess would be IE interpretation of Cascading style sheets feature. Knew CSS positioning is flaky between web browsers

  5. I am using MS 6.0 and there are major problems. A few hours ago I came in with firefox 2 and it looked much better. The problems I see are all on the sidebar.

    The only way I know to trouble shoot this is to put each sidebar item in one at a time and look at both brosers then take it from there. I have seen a number of things that look good in Firefox fail with Explorer 6. I suspect you already know that but good luck.

  6. Back with Firefox and the sidebar looks good. I know you are switching from another platform. Moveable type or something. Maybe you could use some of the built in features.

    I can say the WordPress forums at have helped me in the past.

  7. It looked fine this morning in IE. Now it’s all over the place.

    Makes me glad I’m too lazy to start my own blog to post my own rantings.


    Seriously, though, Rand– good luck debugging this, from a near-daily reader. I’ve done my fair share of programming, so I know it can be a pain.

  8. The concrete grey background just doesn’t work for me. And there’s a few tan highlights (the boxes labeled “author” and “categories” would probably work better if they were light green rather than tan (to roughly match the green of your banner).

    And I’d rather not have to come up with a graphic on the left of my posts.

  9. The site was looking fine until at least yesterday in IE7.

    Now it’s messed up. The content area seems fine, but it seems like you have a messed up page layout table, or missing style sheet that defines the div’s used for layout.

    (OK, you’re not using a layout table. And IE7 was able to find the CSS file. Never mind.)

  10. I pasted your HTML code into Microsoft’s Expression Web. (If a Microsoft browser has a problem with the site, let’s see what a Microsoft HTML editor / error checker has to say about it.)

    It found a few problems – mostly mismatched end tags. I started removing them one at a time and seeing how the page would load.

    The major problem is the mismatched tag after “For those planning to shop at Amazon……”

    Remove this, and the page layout is fixed. The content column goes back to being next to the leftcol column.

    The left column is still a tad messed up, but fixing some of the other complaints from the error checker might solve that.

  11. the working RSS feed is a major improvement ~ but i kinda miss the Whiskey Sexy Democracy ad ~ and where is the advice to enjoy an adult beverage and come back often?

  12. A bit off topic but related: Amazon has changed the “Click to pay” thing and one gets this page by clicking it.

    And completely unrelated: Happy New Year! ^_^

  13. I understand there’s a way to use browser detection to send users of obsolete or “challenged” browsers like IE to a version of the page they want to see, that won’t overtax their systems with things like style or elegance.

    I don’t know exactly how to do it, though.

  14. I’ve just been running the ZapColors bookmarklet to turn off your CSS, since having the links and the body text in the same color is impossible to deal with. So I don’t know what your theme looks like.

  15. I was just thinking how crappy this new site/format looks when I read YOUR comment. I use Firefox, fyi.

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