Bad News For Commercial Space?

Fox News is reporting that Bill Richardson is withdrawing from the Obama cabinet as Secretary of Commerce, probably over his pay-to-play problem. He was perceived by the space community as someone who would provide full support for the department for commercial space, based on his record of supporting space tourism and related ventures as governor of New Mexico. I wonder if the transition team had some backups to go to, or if it will be a while before we know who will replace him?

[Update a couple minutes later]

Jeff Foust is already on the case, with linkage.

8 thoughts on “Bad News For Commercial Space?”

  1. If Richardson was picked for his commercial space cred then the new pick will have some sort of history in space? If he wasn’t the new pick will reflect that?

  2. Nah, he endorsed Senator Obama very early… much to the outrage of the Clinton camp.

    The Commerce job was a pay-off.

  3. I don’t know if it’s good or bad for commercial space. I hope that works out well. But it is good for America. Bill Richardson is an out and out crook. He learned well from the most dishonest administration in American history and friends of space could only count on him until someone offered more money.

  4. Here I was being a little bit happy that this means one fewer person in the BHO admin who’d help the Mexicangovernment push their agenda, and then site had to spoil everything by letting us know this would be bad for commercial space. Bummer.


  5. As a promoter of his state’s Spaceport, he may do more good for commercial space on the state level as governor, instead of dancing with the devil in D.C.

  6. Or, they found out that Bill Richardson is a big giant man whore with several adulterous affairs under his belt.

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