A Question For Alan Dershowitz

From Dennis Prager:

Who exactly in the European Union is condemning Israel? Its conservatives? Who in America is condemning Israel? Conservatives? Who in Australia or Canada? Conservatives? Of course not. As regards Israel (and America and much else), the Western world’s moral idiots, to use the term in the title of the Dershowitz column, are virtually all on the left, including and especially many of his colleagues in academia.

So, I have a question for my friend Dershowitz. (I say ‘friend’ because we’ve known each other for years and debated and dialogued together.)

Given that Israel’s security is so important to you, given that you believe that the ability to morally distinguish between Israel and its enemies is tantamount to the ability to distinguish between good and evil, and given that those who condemn Israel for its “disproportionate” response to Hamas terror-rockets are almost all on the left in America and Europe, why do you continue to identify yourself as a man of the left?

As he notes, there has to be a cognitive dissonance going on there. As well as a lot of other complicated issues.

One thought on “A Question For Alan Dershowitz”

  1. Well, I saw some pro-Palestine protestors at my university (UC Davis) last night when they were heading home. Kept yelling something about “freeing” Palestine. I doubt they were trying to free it from Hamas though. Palestine looks free to me. Sure they (the Gaza strip part) get bombed by Israel some, but who wouldn’t, if they were doing the same things?

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