6 thoughts on “What The Blogosphere Has Been Waiting For All Its Life”

  1. In one of the Baroque Cycle novels by Neil Stephenson, “Half-cocked” Jack Shaftoe confronts a pirate galley, the rowers singing a terrifiying tune…

    Hava nagila
    Hava nagila
    Hava nagila ve nis’mecha

    Wildly anachronistic, but sidesplittingly funny in context.

  2. the book is probably as factual as the recent ‘love affair through the bars of Auschwitz true story’ endorsed by Oprah and revealed to be a fraud.

  3. I will agree on blogging being fodder for future social historians. I have a background in history and archaeology and one thing that we constantly bemoan is the way that emails will change how we research. Currently if you’re writing a biography about, say, the founder of the University of Whatever, and he lived 125 years ago, we use letters (if we can find them) to flesh out his personality. We also use diaries. Deleted emails are going to make the first source very problematic, but blogs may satisfy the second.

    I envision a new specialty in the future if internet archaeologists who literally dig through millions of webpages, blogs, etc to piece together details about people and/or events.

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