Me, Too

Jonah Goldberg finds this video a little creepy.

Why couldn’t they have made these pledges a year ago? Or eight? Why did they have to wait until the Messiah showed up?

I have to agree with Jay Nordlinger, too:

I don’t know about you, but I am particularly unkeen on arm gestures associated with party enthusiasm and loyalty…

Can you imagine the uproar in the press if this were happening with a Republican president?

Late afternoon update]

Iowahawk attempts a transcript.

7 thoughts on “Me, Too”

  1. Yea, I..really couldn’t watch that. I clicked through it at a few spots and spotted a bunch of has been actors trying to hang onto some semblance of importance and notoriety.

  2. I guess I shoulda emphasized that I couldn’t watch that do to technical glitch but that imagining screws driven under the fingernail was less painful to endure. However, I imagine that fate is in store for me once comrade finds out that I’m not enlisted into the USA tree planting service.

  3. I think it’s a brutal endurance test. I had to cut out around 1:30 in. The “I pledge allegiance to folk” guy did me in. One thing that was kind of disappointing was the general uselessness of the pledges. A lot of pledges for “public service” and the like. One guy (the very last one I heard in fact) was claiming he’d stop flipping people off in traffic. That at least sounded worthy.

    I think Nordlinger was misinterpreting the hand gesture of von Stade. It sounds more like a generic gesture of victory (for example, I imagine a variety of fist pumping gestures are rather common at sports events) rather than a more specific Obama approved gesture of loyalty.

  4. McGehee: Follow through the link to Gormogons, which has the video via MySpace, rather than YouTube. That one doesn’t seem to have been taken down yet.

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