6 thoughts on “Beware Flaming Squirrels”

  1. This sounds like a likely excuse from some raving idiot drunkard, “DAMN FLAMIN’ SQUIRRELS!!”

  2. Where’s Boris and Natasha when we need them?

    The Moose and Squirrel are dead. We no longer need Boris and Natasha, unless for questioning.

  3. Not as crazy as it sounds. I used to work for an organization at which every year, around “holiday” time, they solicited donations for their “Tree of Lights.” If you donated, you got your own light bulb. The tree–a large, lovely pine–was outside. Facilities Management would string the lights on the tree, and the CEO would ceremoniously press the “on” button to start the holiday season. That is, until the year the squirrels started gnawing on the wiring. The CEU hit the “on” button, the lights exploded, the tree caught on fire, and the squirrels got fried. Now, the (fake) fir is inside–and if you make a donation, you get an ornament. Phooey. Not as much fun.

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