7 thoughts on “Twitter For The Uninitiated”

  1. “Tweet” rhymes with “eat,” so the past tense should be “twate.” And the participle would be “tweeten.”

    Now that that’s settled I need to get this herd of meese out from among my neighbors’ hice.

  2. Yet another way for (the same) needy, selfish people (as always) to get some more, new “friends”.

    People, turn off your electronic tethers and get a life for God sake. Do you really care what some guy in Seattle had for breakfast? And if so, WHY?!

  3. Steve;

    No, but I care if my wife has picked up the kids from school or been delayed. Twitter lets you send and receive from a cell phone and can be handier (especially from home) than straight cell phone texting.

    Other than that, though, I don’t see the attraction either.

    P.S. On my weblog there was a discussion of the stimulus bill, which ended up using the phrase “inspecting Obama’s package”. Not what I wanted to read this morning.

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