Space Policy “Tensions”?

Rob Coppinger is hearing some rumours (if I had heard them, they’d be rumors) of dissension within the White House over the NASA administrator pick, apparently over whether or not to put a retired general in charge (at least two of the candidates, and perhaps three are). It could be that the space people favor it, but that other administration members are anti-military, but that’s purely speculation (though not an unreasonable one, knowing the types of people who would be in this administration). He also thinks that it could be a year before the administration pays much attention to NASA. Which makes all of the transition activity on the subject somewhat puzzling.

3 thoughts on “Space Policy “Tensions”?”

  1. I’d rather they put a retired Wal*Mart executive in charge.

    So the US would buy Shenzhou trips to the ISS? 🙂

  2. Hey, just think of the creative opportunities an ex Wal-Mart guy would bring… one-stop shopping for space launches, oil changes, lawn & garden, and groceries… and a catchy new slogan such as “Always low orbits… Always!”

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