4 thoughts on “Obama’s Worst Appointment?”

  1. If a Republican were making appointments this bad, the press would be having a field day. Now?….crickets chirping. Hasn’t every one of his confirmed appointees had a major gaffe or has a record of shame that should have prevented the nomination? I’m not talking the ones that, at least, had the decency to withdraw

  2. Charles Freeman doesn’t even make Obama’s “10 worst appointments” list.

    He’s only interesting because he’s making it hard for folks who “believed” in Obama to reconcile their belief with their values.

  3. Should we examine ourselves in asking what might have caused the Kennedy assassination, or the Okalahoma City Bombing, or 1960s-70s leftist terrorism, or the Long Island Railroad shootings, or the Watergate break-in, or the Keating Five, or New Coke, or David Lynch’s Dune?

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