I Hope He Freezes In The Dark

Timothy Noah is cheering what he hopes is the upcoming demise of the nuclear power industry, in the wake of Obama’s closing off the Yucca Mountain option. I was never a big fan of Yucca Mountain — I think it a ridiculously overpriced solution to an hysterical non-problem. But for the money that they planned to spend on it, we could have come up with a safe and reliable launch industry, by using it as a market for storage on the moon.

52 thoughts on “I Hope He Freezes In The Dark”

  1. “A sure sign that they don’t believe their own AGW boogey man. ”

    Of course they do, their preferred solution is to return to subsistence agriculture using “human labor” instead of machines or enslaving animals. This will cause us to lose at least half the population of the planet, but you know eggs and ommelettes yada yada.

  2. The reason for not dropping waste in to the Sun is orbital mechanics — it takes enormously more delta-V to generate a solar intercept orbit than to land something on the Moon and with our current technology delta-V is very expensive.

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