4 thoughts on “Cubesat Futures”

  1. Other than the fact that for $100, you *can’t* put a cubesat into LEO (the going price I hear is closer to $40-50k), it’s an interesting article.

    Maybe he got confused with MSS’s SodaSat program? That’s close to the $100 price at least for our introductory pricing, but the flights on our proposed vehicle are suborbital, not orbital. And the $100 is for a 350g payload not a full cubesat (which tend to be 1-2kg, IIRC).


  2. Jon:

    I think the hypothetical was assuming a cubesat lauch cost of $100 in 2019, what are the uses?

  3. Surely by 2019 MSS and others will be offering $100/kg orbital launches, Jon. If that isn’t happening by then, we could be finding ourselves stuck in LEO for another thirty years.

  4. Ed,
    Ah…I must have missed the by 2019 number. $100/kg is still challenging, and the reality is even if a launcher can deliver that in a bulk flight, how much extra hand-holding and other services are you going to need.


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