Turnabout Is (More Than) Fair Play

I agree with the AIG execs — Congress should resign or commit sepuku:

“In all candor, I don’t know why they’re so exercised by some bonuses. These pathetic excuses for politicians cost the taxpayers trillions of dollars and, worst of all, they’re still in power.”

Of course, in order to do that, one must have some sense of shame. Or honor. I don’t see any evidence of that in the likes of Chris Dodd or Barney Frank.

14 thoughts on “Turnabout Is (More Than) Fair Play”

  1. Actually, the more I watch our Congressmen the more my sympathies begin to switch to AIG.

    But, a pox (a big one) on both their houses.

  2. Yeah, well like the first line said it “was in a dream” of a conservative pundit, meaning the whole thing is at best dark humor and at worst something to call the Secret Service about. But there is some serious hypocrisy going on.

  3. 1) Dodd, Frank, Waters all face the voters quite routinely.
    If they are out of line, then they need to get tossed out.
    Democrats are just as willing to toss out of control politicians as Republicans. Dollar Bill Jefferson lost
    in a runoff in a +26 democratic district to Joe Cah?
    There was a dem in Florida who lost his competitive
    seat because he was out of control also.
    Also, senators may do a bad job, but they only get
    paid 165K to screw up. Unlike the AIG crooks who are
    getting millions to screw up.

    if you have a problem with someone, go campaign against them

  4. Dodd is in trouble, but are you so seriously politically clueless as to think that either Barney Frank or Maxine Waters have any chance whatsoever of losing their election? Maybe if they’re indicted (as Dollar Bill) was, but nothing short of that, and perhaps not even that, in Waters’ case.

    And WTF difference does it make how much they’re paid to screw up? Do you ever think before commenting?

  5. Regardless of what they’re paid, politicians can and routinely do cause more damage than any businessman. For example, it’s being reported today that Obama’s environmentalist wet dream “cap and trade” program will cost the US $2 trillion. This is on top to the trillions it’ll cost to implement socialized medicine the way he wants.

  6. Dollar Bill Jefferson lost
    in a runoff in a +26 democratic district

    After he’d been re-elected — in 2006, after the $90,000-in-his-freezer thing.

    Was that the same incident as when he shanghaied some National Guard troops for an escort so he could go to his flooded home and get rid of the evidence? That’s how I’m remembering it but I’m not sure.

  7. Given Jefferson’s problems, he’s sort of in a
    mysterious matter as there is much news and
    little reporting until he goes to trial.

    It was reported that Jefferson had ordered a guard truck
    to stop by his house and help him recover some
    personal effects including a locked trunk. It was later
    reported that an FBI raid had found 90 grand in money
    in his freezer in DC.

    Is it possible he had a trunk of cash, that got soaked
    and he was freezing it to keep it from rotting?
    Is it possible he had the cash because he wanted to keep
    it hidden away? sure?

    Who knows, he will go to trial and we will find out.

    The bottom line is Jefferson was tossed once the
    issues about hm got too ugly. Much as
    Senator Stevens was tossed, after he was
    convicted of receiving unlawful gratuities
    and much as Tom Delay was tossed in 2006 despite
    his re-election in 2004 when he was under
    state charges, and had been cited for
    repeated ethics violations.

    The great thing about Bad Politicians is they do lose

    It also does matter how much someone gets paid when they screw up. As any sports fan can note, Bob Euchre
    was a mediocre player earning 65K, while Mario Lemieux
    with his salary ended up owning a team he played for.
    Euchre is still well regarded despite his poor lifetime
    average and any penguins fan can still cite every
    time lemieux would slip and fall.

  8. Tom Delay was tossed in 2006 despite his re-election in 2004 when he was under state charges

    …known to be bogus at the time, and you’ll recall Ronnie Earle never did take his third-time’s-the-charm indictment to trial. He knew he would lose. His purpose wasn’t to get a verdict in a court of law, and when the verdict at the ballot box went against him too he gave up.

  9. Well Tom Delay was up to his eyebrows in Jack Abramoff,
    the Marianas islands, the K Street Project, misuse
    of charity funds, russian contributions, ethics violations,
    and he’s still under indictment for texas state
    money laundering charges.

    Despite all his legal troubles and swirling troubles
    the Citizens of Sugarland decided to toss him and
    his polling was so bad, he withdrew from the race.

    Fundamentally americans don’t like sleaze
    wether it’s dems or Republicans, it’s why
    Obama won.

  10. Fundamentally americans don’t like sleaze wether it’s dems or Republicans, it’s why Obama won.

    That is the stupidest (not to mention the most misspelled and ungrammatical) reason that I’ve ever seen to explain why the corrupt Chicago pol Barack Obama won the election.

  11. Well you were convinced Obama would lose,
    so, your analysis on the election is somewhat

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