4 thoughts on “Bigotry”

  1. I, too, thought Monroe was overrated – did nothing for me. Hedley Lamar? Oh, Hedy Lamar – agree.

  2. Monroe was a hottie as a youngster. She wasn’t aging well when she killed herself, but was still quite passable. Her acting I never much cared for, though I haven’t seen much of her work.

    IIRC, Lamarr was a hottie as well, and the brains just make her that much more appealing.

  3. Different strokes, as they say- I’ll defend Marilyn’s hotness any time. Good actress, too, though too often typecast as the brainless blonde. Her early death gave her a martyr’s status. I can see her a one of the smart ‘Bond girls’, say, in the role of Pussy Galore or Tiffany Case, had she lived a few years longer.

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