4 thoughts on “Which One Are You?”

  1. I know which ones I hope I’m a combination of, and I saw a number that I’m worried I might actually be a combination of.

    <slinks away>

  2. Gee, Rand – I can’t decide between The Droll and The Mystery Genius. What do you think? ;-p

    Why do I hear crickets….?

  3. I think I’m a lecturer/handyman with a droll twist. When I get cornered I turn into a tough guy.

  4. Interesting Comment!

    It’s very possible that the early inhabitants of the world who viewed and worshipped the Sun God realized that all live under the same Sun – and CBS’s Sunday Morning logo – the Sun provides an ample view of reality as it exists with the Sun’s rays equal and free for all.

    If there is a natural hierarchy, it is the fact that the portrayal of such recognition of the Sun which resides over all of us is that what people do beneath it is important. Patenting the Sun’s rays – because they are equal and free for all – has never been considered something that anyone can or should do.

    If there is a political hierarchy, it must be that despite Greek and Roman efforts to categorize the methodology from which we derive our political authority, they may have forgotten to include the natural hierarchy that all see as the model for what is “universal” in nature – the sun’s rays are meant to benefit all, not selective groups existing on the planet earth. Though some may benefit from those rays at different times of the day, all benefit within 24 hours, not 24 years, not 24 minutes.

    Attitudes (and social, legal, economic, and commercial practices) must either reflect that common bond of humanity or reject it, and continue to exist as if the Sun’s rays were meant only for them. What an unrealistic notion in the pursuit of world peace!

    Isn’t that the goal Hitler had in mind? To conquer the universe to make it all his own and for his own benefit? Isn’t that what America had to stop for essential fairness to all?

    Maybe, humanity has forgotten to remember that it isn’t really about religion at all, but that it has much more to do with the power of the Sun, whether or not it is worshipped as it has always been, before the inception of religion and religious practices/excuses.

    Perhaps we need more sunworshippers – for obvious reasons – that it is the only natural organization of the world’s resources as they are spread among earthly inhabitants, the flora, the fauna, etc. Eclipses essentially harm everyone.

    Love the sun, love the earth – or else – suffer the consequences?

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