Takes One To Know One

I missed this one. Apparently the Fidel pot said that the kettle was black:

…At the press conference, as well as in the final meetings of the Summit, Obama looked conceited. Such attitude by the US President was consistent with the abject positions adopted by some Latin American leaders. …When the US President said, in answering to Jake, that thousands of years had elapsed since 2004 until the present, he was superficial. Should we wait for so many years before his blockade is lifted? He did not invent it, but he embraced it just as much as the previous ten US presidents did.

…Leaders just pass through; peoples prevail. There would be no need to wait for thousands of years to pass by; only eight years will be enough so that a new US President — who will no doubt be less intelligent, promising and admired in the world than Barack Obama- riding on a better armored car, or on a more modern helicopter, or on a more sophisticated plane, occupies that inglorious position.”

Of course, it’s been half a century since Cuba has had a real new leader. This is one of the down sides to life extension.

2 thoughts on “Takes One To Know One”

  1. “…Leaders just pass through; peoples prevail…”

    Prophetic words, I hope. For Cubans AND Americans.

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