“Card Check”

In action:

Milner says the men demanded that he erase his recording, and one of them took his camera, while Cerbo claims, in the Post’s words, that he “offered to erase his tape because he hadn’t been invited to the event.” No one disputes that Milner was outnumbered, or that it was he who called 911.

If this is what happens to a man at a public event, what do you expect a woman to do when these guys show up at her house with a card to sign?

I’ll be curious to see whether Benedict Arlen flips on this issue.

2 thoughts on ““Card Check””

  1. Card Check is one of the greatest threats to liberty in this country today, as far as I can tell. McCain-Feingold is pretty heinous, but even that won’t force your employer to adopt the worst combination of Detroit’s business practices.

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