Another Unprovoked Interplanetary Attack

This is like Pearl Harbor all over again:

It is set to impact in the lower-right section of the moon’s near side (see image). Coming in at a very shallow angle – nearly parallel to the ground – the probe has a high chance of skipping across the surface, like a stone across a pond.

It’s all right, though, I’m sure that another presidential apology will be forthcoming directly.

5 thoughts on “Another Unprovoked Interplanetary Attack”

  1. All of these moon satellites eventually impact. Lunar orbits are unstable in the long term due to the MasCons (Mass Concentrations) in the lunar mantle.

  2. In fact that was one of the missions for this Japanese probe to measure the gravity fields of the Moon. They have already learned that the far side is even colder and stiffer than previously thought.

  3. Btw, i just became aware of the Moon movie by Duncan Jones. Looks like a one of the few films worth watching this year…

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