All In The Family

“Seeking Answers on IG Firing, Sen. Grassley Asks About Possible Role of First Lady’s Office.”

Why should we be surprised? She’s from Chicago, too.

And of course, if a Republican president had fired an IG who was getting too close to a campaign contributor, it would be a huge scandal. But it wasn’t, so it’s not.

If true, this would be Michelle’s Travelgate. Except Hillary didn’t actually suffer that much from Travelgate. Because…you know…she wasn’t a Republican. Of course, it also helped that there were a lot of other Hillary scandals to distract from that one.

2 thoughts on “All In The Family”

  1. There is also the small matter of the hullabaloo made of the firing of US Attorneys during the GW Bush administration.

    Republican: Firing people who serve at the pleasure of the Chief Executive is an outrage.

    Democrat: Firing an IG for insisting crony-spent taxpayer money be repaid is unimportant.

    Remember, some are more equal than others.

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