The More Things Change

The more they remain the same:

…the masses are morons who respond only to simple messages repeated thousands of times (a perspective I discuss at length in my book).

Seventy-some years later, this belief is as popular with the powers that be as it was in 1933.

You know, like Hope! And Change! And we can spend our way out of bankruptcy. And that you’ll get to keep your private insurance.

4 thoughts on “The More Things Change”

  1. I have commented here, and elsewhere, that Goebbels would be proud of the Democrats and the MSM. Especially with respect to the stuffed shirt that became CinC.

  2. And then there’s the related matter of the treatment of Sarah Palin. Whenever there’s an ethics charge brought against her (no matter the merits), it is front page news. But when she’s cleared of the ethics charge? You’d have to really look to find out.

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