Every Man

“…would give up his brain for a decent size.”

That was the subject of one of the myriad spam emails I get encouraging me to enhance…something or other. I have to believe that women get them, too.

Anyone who responds to such idiocy had no brain to give up in the first place. It’s as stupid as the ones that tell me that no one can resist buying a new watch. Watch me.

5 thoughts on “Every Man”

  1. On the other hand, something’s happened in the last few weeks. I used to get dozens of these sorts of come-ons a day. Now I’m lucky to get one a day. It’s got to the point where the spam filter is catching more legitimate messages than garbage.

    Maybe it’s just got to the point where they’ve milked the marks dry. Or all the suckers have better things to do with their unemployment and stimulus checks. Then again, maybe the cost of building and maintaining a botnet and changing ISPs on a frequent basis are outweighing the returns. Maybe it turns out the Internet isn’t immune to economics after all.

  2. I think one of the overseas ISPs that was providing a haven to net criminals got cut off from the rest of the net.

  3. Span goes in cycles. It ebbs and flows. When school starts (in most states; schools opened two weeks ago here in Georgia) and the next new crop of first-time computer users logs on, the spam will erupt anew.

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