7 thoughts on “Did He Or Didn’t He?”

  1. According to NASA PAO, in response to my request for clarification last Friday, a review of a transcript of Bolden’s remarks at MAF reveals that “there’s mention of Ares I-X whatsoever.”

    So he did?

  2. Latest rumours suggest the remarks may have been made at Stennis, not Michoud. Same day, different meeting. One person who claims to have been there says Ares I-X was discussed.

  3. So, I see this article over at Spaceflight Now. Bob Ess the flight mission manager says, “”This teaches us a whole lot about how we model launch vehicles, not (just) Ares 1 launch vehicles, but launch vehicles.” (Emphasis mine)

    Well, if you want to fly neat model rockets there are a number of model rocketry clubs all around the nation. I don’t think we should be using tax payer money to fly really big model rockets around though.

    Folks, this is just an opportunity for Ares I stakeholders to have their chance to make a lot of sound and light and revel in the Ooooohs and Aaaaahhhhs. Then, they will take their recorded video and head up to Congress and try their darnedest to persuade those folk that this is the best way forward because, “Well, darn it, doesn’t that 327 foot tall rocket looks really damn cool?”

  4. “Well, darn it, doesn’t that 327 foot tall rocket looks really damn cool?”

    Not that this should matter, but Ares fails on aesthetics (IMHO), as well…

  5. Well Rand as you could see I hounded Keith about posting unsubstantiated rumors and was told to go elsewhere. What are blogs for if not to spread misinformation. 😉 BTW, I even plugged your blog over at NASA Watch. Lol! Not really sure why, but I am a fair guy.

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