6 thoughts on “The Twelve Most Annoying Types”

  1. Rand, be like me. Take the plunge. Join Facebook for two weeks, complain about it a lot, then delete your account.

  2. So what do you post to facebook? What’s actually left after you take away everything on the list?

  3. I don’t post anything to Facebook. I still don’t know why I have a Facebook account, other than as an adjunct address book, and no one has really explained to me why I need one..

  4. I got a Facebook account because a friend of mine talked me into it as a way to read his banterings with a mutual friend. Then I friended a handful of people and didn’t post anything other than comments on their posts. Then I decided it’s mostly a waste of time, though Jay Manifold’s posts have a high s/n ratio, and someone else gave me a good bread recipe.

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