5 thoughts on “Popular Myths Of Psychology”

  1. “The rush of anger is addictive as hell, and letting yourself lash out as a means to control your anger is like drinking to control your urge to drink.

    Aw crap, I knew it was too good to be true.

  2. Thing is, an important component in the rush of anger, is adrenaline, which can actually be dissipated.

    Anger plus adrenaline is rage, and rage is a whole lot more dangerous than just plain anger. Of course dissipating the hormone doesn’t dissipate the emotion. That’s not the point.

  3. But there are good ways of dissipating the emotion. Giving benefit of doubt to the other person, remembering occasions when you’ve needed forgiveness yourself, forcing yourself to consider objectively the extent of injury you’ve suffered (which is often much less than it seems when you’re angry), and so on.

  4. But there are good ways of dissipating the emotion.

    None of which can be done while under the influence of the adrenaline.

    I speak from first-hand experience.

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