2 thoughts on “The Non-Glamour”

  1. That was a strangely empty column. I mean, I read it and then came away wondering: what do I know now I didn’t know before? Pretty much zip. Yes, we project on politicians, and actors, princesses, whatever. Yes, glamour fades. Yes, Camelot was largely an illusion. Yes, it’s not that the good die young so much as those who die young are best positioned to be fetishized as good.

    I wish she’d written a column about women’s hats instead. I like her hat. I like the idea of women’s hats, but have no idea how to go about buying one. This would be a useful column to write.

  2. By that criteria, fully two-thirds of all journalists should be immediately fired.

    The other third mostly inform by accidentally allowing facts into the last paragraph or two.

    You’re supposed to view journalism as a serious and crucial piece of society based entirely on the emotions generated upon beholding their work – much like competitive ice sculpting.

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