4 thoughts on “When Wood Is Outlawed”

  1. I would add to your sentiment that they need to add line-item vetoes, but under the current administration, I’m not sure that would be such a good idea.

    Mandatory sunset clauses and term limits on Congress for the win!

  2. Welcome to my world having dealt with the orchid business all my life this stuff is nothing new. The way to fight this is the same way Areca palms got de-listed. Areca palms were covered by CITES since they are only found in the wild. Somebody brought in one million seedlings from central america. No paper work they are yours!They really did take up a lot space at the Miami inspection station Next CITES conference they were dropped from CITES.
    Wood suffers from the fact it is not as perishible as live plants. So this could be a real money maker for USFWS. A government auction converts illegal wood products into legal products.
    IIRC the stuff in this bill doesn’t apply to Alligator shoes you need the paper work for hides but finished goods don’t need paperwork. Most croc people realize that if want people in the third world to have crocs around they have to be making a buck from them.
    Anyway I’m still likely to be under investigation by USFWS.
    Just a thought but are Christmas trees covered by this law?

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