9 thoughts on “Why Do “Liberals…””

  1. The article juxtaposes that word with the incessant use of “teabagger” by Obamarrhoids and the like.

    My local paper has an anonymous comment feature called “Sound Off,” in which that same type of person had been calling Obama skeptics “teabaggers” for weeks. The irony content of one such comment was too much for me to resist, and I sent one of my own, pointing out that “teabagger” was a “sexual slur.”

    The word promptly disappeared from all future published comments.

  2. I thought the word was going to be “profit”. Oops, I said it.

    In the defense of the guy who tracked down the repeat offender, he apparently thought it was a high school student causing trouble. I don’t know why the employee “resigned on the spot”. An immature thing like that using school computers probably should have resulted in a reprimand (unless perhaps using school computers for non-school related stuff was in itself clear grounds for termination), but it’s clear that the employee by posting anonymously didn’t intend to make a public spectacle of the school. I know school employees have to conform to a higher standard, but this seems pretty low grade.

    I wonder though if there’s more to the story. The employee in question might well have a history of problems with this being the final straw. Profane trolling from a school computer is a pretty silly thing for a school employee to do. What else was he doing?

    Finally, inconsistent and hypocritical enforcement of rules on websites is so prevalent, I can’t even imagine why these guys would be singled out. Unless it’s really egregious (like the blogs where they put replies directly in your comments, eg, Real Climate and NASAWatch), I ignore it. This sounds like a tempest in a teapot to me.

  3. If I’d been caught posting that I’d be like, “Uh, I was describing my trip to China..Strangest thing I ever ate, uh, pussy….pussy cat. Yea, that’s the ticket.”

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