ISS/Atlantis On Display

A lot of USians will be able to see it tonight. And you don’t have to stay up late, it’s only an hour or so after sunset, at least on the left coast. Go here and plug in your zip code for azimuth and elevation.

[Update a few minutes later]

Heavens Above is another good place to go, where it says that ISS is now sufficiently bright with all of its arrays that it is visible in the daytime, if the sun is low enough.

8 thoughts on “ISS/Atlantis On Display”

  1. Here’s a tip to keep in mind when trying to judge how high in the sky to look for a celestial object. The width of a balled up fist (thumb tucked) held at arms length covers about 10 degrees of sky. So for me in Dallas I see that the ISS will be at 34 degree elevation at about 6:53 p.m. CT. Looking straight out to the horizon (0 deg elevation) I’d stack 3 fist and 3 finger to approximately find 34 degrees elevation.

  2. Gosh I’d love to see ISS/Atlantis. It sounds like I need to look towards Los Angeles, though, with all it’s God-damned lights and pollution. Phoo.

    In our genetically engineered future, I think parents should be required to provide their children with infrared vision, so that we can even in our hive-cities return to the beautiful restful dark at night that Nature intended us to enjoy.

  3. I’ve seen the ISS in the daytime. FWIW.

    It’s a great piece of Performace Art, ain’t it? — And that’s all it’s good for, too, alas.

    Why hasn’t NASA applied for an NEA Grant for it?

  4. I went and watched. Took my 10×50 binocs on a tripod mount. It only seemed to get about halfway across the sky till it grew too faint and I lost it. It started out extremely bright though. Was competing with the airplanes flying about. Supposed to be a bit brighter it looks like on the 27th.

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