Kudos To Management

The Tehachapi news has the most detailed story yet of the actions taken by Stu Witt and others to ensure the safety of everyone at the party in Mojave. This video shows the main tent actually being blown down. Glad I got out in time. The earlier video of the partying wasn’t taken in that tent, but in one of the smaller domes, in which belongings had been checked, and where much of it was (at least temporarily) lost in the rush to evacuate.

3 thoughts on “Kudos To Management”

  1. I think this moment is going to make it into space history books of the future, especially if Virgin Galactic figuratively crashes and burns. It’s just too easy a metaphor for lazy historians to leave behind.

  2. Hi,
    Great SpaceshipTwo is bringing space tourism much closer to reality — this is like science fiction movies — and now it is becoming a reality. I mean, it’s really amazing. It holds the promise of opening up the space experience to ordinary people around the world.

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