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  1. Way to go Dennis! I have been a DP fan since way back when he hosted ‘Religion on the Line’. I don’t always agree (mostly I do) but he has stayed consistent all these years. Many Years more, Dennis!

  2. I’d have to say that I don’t miss him and never did. Someone who gets addled enough that they turn on their friends and associates like that really isn’t someone I care to know. And to be honest, his prior viewpoint was at best cartoonish and didn’t really contribute to the problems of terrorism or radical Islamists. This sort of erratic and hostile behavior is what I’d expect from someone like that.

  3. I used to follow LGF a lot, because there was always something interesting on his site. But after Charles Johnson started fixating on Intelligent Design, attacking global warming skeptics, and launching over the top attacks on guys like Spencer, my visits grew fewer and fewer until I just stopped visiting the site. It just wasn’t very interesting any more.

  4. I hate to admit it, but the main thing that turned me off LGF was the comment threads. Trying to get in on an 800-post thread with anything intelligent or relevant is simply impossible for anyone who wants to do anything else with his day. And of course by the time someone could get through the first 800 comments another 600 would have been added.

  5. You have to wonder about ANYONE who turns a 180. I’d question Al Franken if he suddenly became a conservative too. It’s not just the new direction someone goes toward, it’s the whole thought process that comes into question. Politics be hanged, an about face is hard to figure, and harder most times to explain and justify, IMHO.

    Of course, I’m sure just as many watchers on the left think he’s come to his senses!!

  6. I reluctantly removed LGF from my bookmarks a few weeks ago. Too depressing. To think LGF got me started on blog reading…

    And, like McGehee said, I just didn’t have time to wade through the comments of people just chatting to get to the intelligent arguments about the original post (if any).

  7. I honestly never found the appeal to visiting LGF. Sure I’d end up there from a insta-link every so often but otherwise the site is no where to be found in my bookmarks library.

    My take is that now we are seeing exactly who he is and has been all along. He probably only played the part of a conservative blogger to ride the nascent blogosphere gravy train.

  8. Long before his about face, I stopped reading LGF because there was no _news_ to it- just repetitious warnings of the “Green Peril” of islamism. By Shannon information theory, if you can predict the signal, it isn’t carrying much information… and now it’s even more predictable, just with a different content. Sad.

  9. After kismet provided me an opportunity to become one of the lizardoids I found nothing worthy of exercising my newfound reptilian status over. Oh well, his loss.

  10. Ugh, Mr. Johnson’s reply is painful to read. To summarize though, he hasn’t said that “conservatives” do eight of the ten points, but merely that they “support” people who do. It’s a weaselly phrase with no real content. What does “support” mean? How is Buchanan, for example, supported by conservatives (or for that matter by liberals or Mr. Johnson)? Or the various so-called “neo-fascist” groups of Europe?

    The nineth point (about anti-Islamic bigotry) is completely undefended (he just says to use his search engine, bah!). And the tenth point (hatred towards President Obama) is defended by telling us to look at some of the craziest posters on the internet and then copy/paste that viewpoint to the “Right”.

    Finally, I just find his brand of hypocrisy particularly grating and smug. For example, the “Right” “supports” “anti-science bad craziness”. Given that he mentions “climate change denialism” as one of the alleged acts, I gather Johnson entertains some anti-science GOOD craziness. He just strikes me as a feckless child who’ll parrot whatever group behavior is expected of him until he finds a better group to belong to.

    I’m not sure why he vexes me so. I guess it’s just that I disapprove of ideological chameleons who seem to have no trouble shifting from one belief system to another. Another example is Dick Morris. I found his transformation from Clinton lackey to conservation pundit unconvincing and dishonest. I get the feeling they’re just actors moving on to a new gig.

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