19 thoughts on “Unfamiliar With The Concept”

  1. Dollars to donuts it’s photoshopped. I’ve never seen a political sticker or window decal that size. That the original photo is a bitmap…

  2. Obviously this driver believes in a closed universe. If he drives forward far enough he will actually back into the water.

  3. Forget the part about the Obama sticker. Was the rig-truck-first-into-the-water Photoshopped?

    I have done dumb things with cars, but . . . What is he trying to do, get the boat to pull the truck out of the water by spinning the prop fast enough? This picture gets funnier with every look.

  4. A possible explanation is the truck was parked on dry land before the tide came in… naw, couldn’t be. Nobodies that dumb.

  5. “Nobodies that dumb.”

    Like the old saying goes, “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits”.

  6. Late to the party, but —

    That picture’s been around for a while, both with and without the “Obama” in the truck’s back window. That part is definitely ‘shopped.

    But anybody who thinks the picture shows something outrageously unlikely has never hung around a boat ramp on a summer weekend.


  7. Husband counts to 100, then says to his wife, “Honey, WHY?”

    “Dear, you know I can’t back these things up, or parallel park.”

  8. I think I’ve seen this before on Fail Blog or some other such similar site. I don’t recall the Obama part on the windshield begin there before. Though I think it just goes to show that with a little inspiration and a Photoshop type program great things can happen.

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