Don’t Know Much About Geography

Did anyone else notice this morning on This Week that Markos thinks that Turks are Arabs? He said that in alienating Turkey, Israel was “turning a major Arab ally against us.” I was waiting for George Will to give him the Maher treatment, but I guess he was too polite. Or else he didn’t notice, either. Anyway, no one, including Liz Cheney, called him on it.


Here’s the transcript:

MOULITSAS: Well, you know, first of all, the with us or against us approach which is what got us in a lot of the trouble that we are in today. I mean the fact is whether Israel had the right to do what it did or not, they handled it so poorly that they basically alienated much of the world. They alienated an important Arab ally in Turkey, and they put the United States in a really difficult position.

Yes, a very difficult position indeed, given the impossibility of having Turkey as an Arab ally.

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  1. Don’t ever recall hearing Turks say anything good about Arabs during my time there! But, who knows, maybe time has smoothed the waters and now it’s all lovery dovey between Arabs and Turks! But, I doubt it somehow!

  2. Leftists like Moulitsas are, as I have experienced, the people who are most thin-skinned about their ignorance. That is why they adopt the leftist ideology – they think it gives them credibility. They believe and espouse what the “intelligentsia” believes.

    This is true in academics. The most “progressive” types in political science, psychology, and a host of other soft departments substitute anti-American, anti-market views for knowledge and scholarship.

  3. Well, if he had said Muslim ally, he would have been right, but people conflate Arab with Muslim, even though there are large numbers of Christian Arabs, most of whom are clearing out of the Middle East as fast as they can.

    And frankly, ever since Turkey told us to drop dead when we were ramping up for the Gulf war, the alliance has been a dead letter. They believe they don’t need us since the Soviet Union broke up, and their secular elite has been swept aside by Islamists (with some encouragement from our State Department). Moulitsos and his ilk think that our relationship with Turkey has been hurt by the Isrealis, who were preventing a group of violent Turkish Islamists from running a blockade? What do you expect from people who say that 9-11 was our fault because we weren’t nice enough to the Muslim world?

  4. The other major conceptual failure of Markos is the statement that “the with us or against us got us into the mess we are in today”, which is bullshit. Bush didn’t adopt that policy until AFTER there were 3,000 dead on 9/11, retard.

  5. What got us into the mess we are in today is Bush’s original “We are not in the business of nation building, we are not the world’s policeman”, which enraged left wing internationalists around the globe in general, and anti-Israel islamists in particular, esp those financing al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, and, I might mention, a certain left wing blogger…

  6. They alienated an important Arab ally in Turkey, and they put the United States in a really difficult position.

    In addition, to the already observed stupidity in that sentence, there’s also the fact that a few years ago the left suddenly rediscovered the Armenian Massacre. It required immediate and formal condemnation no matter who we antagonized.

    Don’t tell me they weren’t being sincere.

  7. This sort of thing should surprise no one. When Moulitsas showed up on the scene, he was automatically accepted as a full-fledged genius by the left. No one has ever checked to see whether he actually knows anything.

    I don’t think he is cleverly taking advantage of the naivete of the typical American Democrat, either. He can make that case if he wants, but I consider him a pure and simple uninformed uneducated idiot.

  8. Hey, Greece needs a good war to help distract form their economy.

    Mabey they and Israel can make a Turkey sandwich?

  9. Markos Melitsas most likely has no knowledge of the historical relationship between Turks and Arabs. He’s a leftist and facts don’t really matter to him.

    Markos, how you feeling about that “hopey changey” thing with your Messiah in the White House now?

  10. “He can make that case if he wants, but I consider him a pure and simple uninformed uneducated idiot.”

    Much like Obama.

  11. Our policy must be an utter condemnation of Turkey. The Turks are peddling vicious anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda at home. Their news reports that our soldiers clogged the Euphrates with Iraqi bodies and that Americans and Jews conspired to sell Iraqi organs.

    We must move carriers into the Eastern Mediterranean. We must pledge to enforce the blockade ourselves, including sinking any Turkish warships which attempt to defend another flotilla. We must demand that Turkey pay a 200 million dollar indemnity to Israel for their support of terrorists. If the Turks don’t agree (and it is OK to negotiate the amount down to half that) we must demand they be kicked out of NATO. If they are not, we must leave NATO ourselves.

    The Turks are showing every sign of becoming genocidal once more – to which I say “Never again”.

    A firm hand will prevent much bloodshed – including Turkish blood. As our good allies during the Cold War, they deserve firmness to save their own lives.


  12. If we get into a shooting war with Turkey will the Kardashian sisters do a USO tour?

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