6 thoughts on “How Far The Fall”

  1. But we have the best looking universities anywhere.

    Driving by UCI last night – noticed the computer controlled electric billboards at each entrance, which continually flash all the cool stuff that they do there. Things like “Professor urges clampdown on corporate crime” and “Learn about global warming!”.

    As the UCI physics department char once told me years ago, the schools aren’t for education, they’re for keeping lots and lots of voters employed by and beholden to the state.

  2. Imagine that, you let anybody in who wants in regardless of where they are from or what they know and can do, you teach the kids for 2 or 3 generations, legal or illegal, that anything goes, you spend money like drunk sailors on everything BUT decent education for those generations, and you wind up at the bottom of the education heap?

    Who’da thunk it!?

  3. The thing is, CA tax payers are spending a lot of money to reach that level of mediocrity.

  4. It is empirically true that the states which spend the most per pupil have the worst educational outcomes. Thus, if you want to improve the public schools in your state you should spend less on them.

  5. Years ago, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution unironically editorialized about how the state’s poor educational performance was obviously an effect of not spending enough — in the same edition of the paper as ran a story about an inner-city private school that was acing all the tests and sending more graduates on to higher education than any public school in Atlanta, despite spending about half as much per pupil as the public schools were spending.

  6. It’s all the fault of the red states for not sharing enough of the wealth with poor California. It’s anybodies fault except the people of California.

    Considering, ‘no child left behind’, this perhaps may actually have a legitimate little bit of, it’s Bush’s fault.

    Except that in schools, California has a program, ‘nobody gets ahead’ for quite a while now… at least three decades.

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