Is This A Gag Book?

Good lord, I think it’s serious:

In his historic rise to the most powerful position in the world, Barack Obama single-handedly altered the concept of leadership around the world. Now, Shel Leanne—the expert on the Obama way of leadership—explains how to thrive in any business setting by adopting the same skill set.

Leadership the Barack Obama Way examines the ins and outs of the leadership style the President of the United States rode to heights of power nobody dreamed possible just a short time ago. Leanne breaks down Obama’s style into easily digestible pieces that you can apply in any situation.

Actually, I think that the pieces have already been digested.

13 thoughts on “Is This A Gag Book?”

  1. You’ll learn all the skills of extraordinary leadership, including how to:

    Communicate your vision in clear, persuasive language
    Use the phrase, “now let me be clear”

    Create a “reservoir of goodwill”
    Raise taxes, so others can pay for the things you promise

    Form and lead outstanding teams
    You need people to go under the bus

    Harness and leverage the power of technology
    Get out the titanium driver for the long fairways

    Establish trust and confidence
    Use union thugs

    Build bridges among diverse people
    Bow deeply

  2. “Actually, I think that the pieces have already been digested.”

    Here’s hoping the electorate regurgitate in November.

  3. AW Crap, Leland got to it first. Personally, I was laughing to hard to TYPE for the last 10 minutes. Dead on analysis Sir, BTW.

    Given the stellar performance of The Messiah with the Gulf, his first big trouble, I’m surprised they didn’t wait to put this out. It seems like a joke…? He seems like a joke…?

    A book about an Obama Management Style IS a joke.

    (I got nuthin’, Leland stole it, without reading it anyway)

  4. Isn’t there an entry for preparing for the future by destroying the country’s ability to borrow for legitimate emergencies, and placing future generations in debt for as far as we can see?

  5. She should have titled it “The Leader Principle”.

    Odd that there aren’t any reviews. Blocked, or has no one bothered to read it yet?

  6. You missed the oratorical pretzel of:
    “I don’t want to see any finger pointing!” … while finger pointing. If you can pull that off, you’ve aced the course.

  7. The list of attributes Leland spoofs so effectively is all about preparing to lead. Eventually, you need to actually, you know, lead. And, you know, make decisions. The fresh prince of DC hasn’t actually done that yet, at least in any substantive way.

    You can sample the book on Amazon. Five pages – 2% of the book – is all I could stand. Unadulterated drivel.

  8. Let me get this straight. Somebody wrote a book about a socialist with the intent that capitalists should follow his style of leadership?

  9. Thanks for the comments, but I understand Der Schtumpy; it was a matter of being first rather than any difficulty in ridiculing the book.

    Here is something I missed Saturday:

    “If this obstruction continues, unemployed Americans will see their benefits stop,” Obama said. “Teachers and firefighters will lose their jobs. Families will pay more for their first home. All we ask for is a simple up or down vote. That’s what the American people deserve.”

    He says this as if it is a bad thing that the Republicans are doing.

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