6 thoughts on “A Matter Of Definition”

  1. Wow, eight defining moments in only a fifteen month time span.

    Which way did they go? I must find them, for I am their leader

  2. Mr. Obama, if I may be clear, has a number of verbal tics.

    I, for one, have only one verbal tic — those “In Russia” jokes.

    In Medvedev’s Russia . . . moment defines you!

    (cue snare drum rim shot)

    (You may ask why Medvedev’s Russia when Putin is running the show — Medvedev, pronounced with those Russian yeh-yeh dipthong inflections, sounds much funnier).

  3. My nightmare is that the pachyderms take over the House (most likely) and possibly the Senate (not so likely, but possible). That gives the Big Zero cover to blame those blankety blank GOP obstructionist *-ho’s for putting paid to paradise in our time in 2012. There’s still too many who’ll buy his male bovine fecal material. The ideal would be to get just close enough so that 1 or 2 donks fearful of their constituents have a come to jesus moment on any particular example of socio-marxism in action and keep the O-train from driving us further down the road to h311. I really want this second rate Chicago racist hack to be a one termer.

  4. November 2nd will clearly be a defining moment. I’m not so sure yet what the defining event will be.

    – Record losses in congress?
    – Riots over the above?
    – Massive election fraud or voter intimidation?
    – Invalidation of unfavorable election results by the regime?

  5. jsallison,

    I agree/sahre with your nightmare. The Democratic Congress since 2007, and with Obama since 2009, had done severe damage to our fiscal security in this country. A small Republican majority in Congress can stop even greater damage, so that is good. However, that small majority can do very little to fix the damage, and this is pretty bad stuff. With the fiscal deficits we have now, the country will reach insolvency rather quickly. The only way to fix it is drastically cut spending.

    I see Obama doing exactly what Clinton did in the 1990’s. He will let the Government come to a halt (although, Obama may not get intern servicing during the shutdown). While the shutdown is in place, the press will be commenting on how the GOP is stonewalling all the great progress of the past 2 years while the economy will most certainly still be in a bad shape. Reasonable and intelligent people will see the shutdown as reasonable cost cutting and necessary step to push much needed reform of government expenditures. But those people will be outnumbered by the people the Democrats have already pushed into servitude of the Government.

    November 2010 may feel great. November 2011 will be ugly.

  6. The problem is politicians lying, the people believing and the media, even if they have good intentions, not having a clue.

    For example, they should never get away with ‘created or saved’ more than once. Every single media person should call them on it every single time, regardless of party affiliation or tingle in the leg. When they don’t, that media person should be run out of town, ridiculed until every source of funds dries up.

    Even simpler, when a media person attributes something to someone that didn’t say it, “I can see Russia from my house” they should likewise be reviled.

    Until we live in an environment of truth, these clowns will continue to ruin all our lives. They have no honor. They have no shame. It’s time we brought shame back into the equation.

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