Are You Sitting Down?

It turns out that the flight attendant who went nuts on the Jet Blue flight was gay.

I know you’re all as shocked as I am. Who ever heard of such a thing?

It reminds me of a piece that Mark Steyn wrote years ago, in which he noted that if you wanted to see the worst-dressed gay men in America, to take an airplane ride.

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  1. I learned of this tidbit when I watched the Taiwanese NextMedia Animation studio’s animated version of the incident (it was posted on WSJ, listed in the Editor’s Choice links at the bottom of the Obama piece linked here). They’re the same company that brought us the animation of Tiger Woods’ fateful journey into a tree. 🙂

    The pictures that they posted of Steven Slater at the end of the animation give it away just as much as the animation itself.

    My favorite parts of the animation were Slater grabbing a soda before he jumped out of the plane, and then him closing the door behind him after he lept into his lover’s arms.

    Priceless! 😀

  2. What gets me about this very funny story is how much the media insists that public interest in the story is symbolic of our desire to strike out against the corporate world. What bull! It’s amusing and something completely different. Full stop.

  3. Having been a passenger (AKA, the cargo the crew has to talk to), I find the fact that the attendant flipped out to be ironic. If anything, those of us in steerage should be the ones flipping out.

  4. He got hit on the head by the passenger’s luggage hard enough to break the skin. Anyone want to bet he isn’t going to claim “temporary derangement” or some such, sue the passenger, the airline , the cops and wind up with a largish monetary settlement? As well as selling his story to the media.

    As for the passenger, the FA should have been issued with a cattle prod and used it.

  5. John B Says:
    August 11th, 2010 at 10:35 am

    “Slater grabbing a soda before he jumped out of the plane”

    I believe it was 2 cans of beer. But yea, that part was funny as he slides down and walks across the tarmac chugging down a brew.

  6. Still, this is not a real good time to be quitting your job unless you’ve already got another one lined up.

    On the other hand, maybe he’s counting on big bucks for interviews, articles, a book contract, etc.

  7. After flying off and on over 30 years as an adult, on my own dime, business and pleasure and seeing how some passengers act, I’m surprised at this guy too.

    Surprised he was the first one to snap!!

    I once saw them drag this foolish (half drunk) woman off a plane. She refused to go to her assigned seat. She’d given herself an auto upgrade to first class, based on her having the first numbered seat in coach, and there being an open row up front. She had all sorts of nonsense about doing it for years, other airlines, unwritten rules, blah, blah, blah.

    They had handcuffs!!

    She verbally abused that entire plane crew before she physically abused to cops. Neither group lost their cool like Gay Steven.

    I wonder if he has track lighting?

  8. I tried to quit blogging in the same way. Cussed out the monitor. Pulled the mouse out of the CPU. Grabbed a couple of cold ones from the fridge and walked out the door.

    Frankly, I don’t see what the fuss is about.

  9. “…but did you slide down a rubber escape slide?”

    Given the man’s sexuality, Andrea has provided a most unfortunate visual…

  10. I occasionally have the unPC thought that on average women make the best service industry employees because men–homosexual, heterosexual, rapist, pedophile, whatever–aren’t able to put on a happy face hour after hour, day after day. The strain is too much for most men and too much for him. Unlike the fake whiteboard hopa chick quits, this dramatic exit was real.

  11. I hear when the cops arrived to handcuff him, he said, “boys, I already have my own. They’re SO much more comfortable. I positively HATE cuffs that chafe…”

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