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  1. Glenn keeps getting better by the day.

    However, Samizdata has a quote from an interview from a self confessed socialist you may want to read…

  2. mpthompson,
    Good one. SOmeone needs to make a copy of that video only with the last name spelled wrong, since misspelled write ins are tossed… lol

  3. I think anyone who states that US Scientists are crossing mice with humans to breed mice with “fully functional human brains” is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Or, from the evidence, a blatant con-artist who will tell the rubes whatever they want to hear.

    And when she holds the “Sopranos” up as a model of a traditional family worthy of emulation… I wonder if she’s not engaging in a massive practical joke.

    The thing is, both statements are on video, this isn’t something made up by MSM as with the persecution of Sarah Palin. They cried “Wolf” and now no-one believes just how reality-challenged this candidate is.

    Of course the opposition is a self-confessed “Bearded Marxist”. Oh Great.

  4. Andy Clark,
    Election day is so close to Halloween only because it is about as far as you can get on the calendar from Tax Day, April 15, hence a time when taxpayer rage is most likely to be at its lowest.
    If I were running for office today, one of my promises would be to move Tax Day to the day before election day to ensure people were voting based on their immediate impression of whether or not they were paying their ‘fair share’ and whether the government is spending enough.

  5. Zoe: So, she’s stupid or crazy because she slightly mangled “mice with human brain cells” (which people have abundantly provided links to all over the interwebs every time this has come up) into “mice with human brains”?

    That’s a pretty high bar for politicians, isn’t it? Hell, it’s a pretty high bar for any non-scientific layman.

    I don’t have a dog in the fight there, as I’m not a Tea Partier nor do I live in that state, but it sure seems like this is a scramble to find anything to tar her with.

    After all, if you engage on policy instead of things like that, you can’t simply dismiss the Other as “insane”.

    (Like the people who were shocked, shocked to find that Christianity opposes masturbation as a matter of general doctrine!

    I’m an atheist, myself, but the fact was no surprise to me, as it’s been common knowledge for the past 15 centuries or so, and is neither shocking nor “insane”, despite what people kept clamoring on about.)

  6. I think anyone who argues a politician’s suitability for office on two or three sound bites, zeroing in on those about a million miles from any practical decision he’ll have to make in office — e.g. what he thinks of masturbation or whether he understands biology pretty thoroughly — is either a goof or a nitwit, and in either case should have the franchise taken away from him.

  7. Bill Maher thinks it’s just fine and dandy to blackmail a ‘friend’ to get her on his show to generate ratings. Christine just needs the voters to get to know her and she will win in a landslide. Smear and slander is the tactic of the left and it works. It’s time we stopped it from working.

    What matters is how they vote when representing us.

  8. Bill O’really used a more subtle blackmail to get her on his show. This is one reason why that bully leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m surprised Foxnews doesn’t do a crossfire show with the two Bill’s. Geraldo would moderate.

    How the left can consider Fox conservative blows my mind.

    Thomas, the fact that Biden can win over anybody tells you all you need to know.

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