5 thoughts on “Cure Alzheimers”

  1. Oh, there’s an easier way to “solve” the SS problem — force everyone to buy annuities, need it or not. There, done. It’s the (new) American way.

  2. annuities in T-Bills, right?

    Naturally! Remember, we can’t “privatize social security” because it would be evil to “gamble” in the stock market, but it’s righteous to make you buy US treasuries because that’s permitted under the commerce clause taxing authority militia powers of the Constitution.

  3. They could do as some are suggesting and seize all the private 401Ks and IRAs and give people an annuity. You see, people are too stupid to manage their own money. Besides, all those trillions of dollars people have saved for their own greedy use could buy a lot of votes and enrich a lot of political insiders. Now, in the interest of fairness, those who were unwilling or unable to save for their own retirement shouldn’t be discriminated against. They should get a piece of the action, too.

    IMO, the very idea that some people are brazen enough to suggest stealing trillions of dollars suggest it’s time for some people to be hung by their necks from streetlamps until they are dead.

  4. Stealing? What a harsh word. We’re just going to demand that you participate enthusiastically in our Retirement Insurance Plan under the newly carved out reach of the Commerce Clause. This isn’t a tax, sheesh, another harsh word. The plan is quite simple. You give us all of your money, we don’t shoot you as a scofflaw, and we’ll tell you when you can retire. Er, and we’ll provide food stamps.

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