4 thoughts on “Jewtopia”

  1. A live play is almost always worth seeing (yeah, some exceptions.) You might want to explore JDATE a little before seeing it on the assumption you will better get the references to it (if you have an understanding wife, “It’s just research honey”) or not.

  2. The book JEWTOPIA is very funny. I’m a Gentile who tends to hang out with Jews (not any conscious Hebrewphilia on my part, but Jews tend to gravitate toward me and I to them), and my closest Jewish friend has long had a mania for changing seats at restaurants. Whenever we go out to eat, she’ll almost inevitably find something wrong with her seat and want to change seats, and often tables. I didn’t think this was a particularly Jewish thing but there’s a section in the book JEWTOPIA about changing tables at restaurants and how to find “a seat fit for a Jew.” I bought her a copy of the book for her birthday and made it a point to direct her attention immediately to that part of the book.

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