The End Of The Honeymoon?

Has the press finally given up on Obama?

The mainstream media, it seems, are cutting their losses. They invested enormous time, credibility, and emotion in bolstering their chosen candidate. But he hasn’t panned out, and new power players are headed to Washington. So it’s time to scramble back to some semblance of realistic coverage and concede that all those “accomplishments” in the past two years didn’t accomplish anything — not an economic recovery, not political ascendancy for Obama, not electoral success for Democrats, and not an era of bipartisan harmony. Just the opposite.

Via Instapundit, who notes:

Hey, they’ll go down for you, but they won’t go down with you…

I’ll be happy if, after three long years, they just stop going down on him.

5 thoughts on “The End Of The Honeymoon?”

  1. “I’ll be happy if, after three long years, they just stop going down on him.”

    Definitely the comment of the year! Kudos, Rand!

  2. Obama has received what is likely the longest media blowjob in US history. For people whose very livelihood depends on their reputation, the press was remarkably ignorant about what was in their long term interest.

  3. It’s going to take a lot of cocktail parties to get that taste out of their mouths. It will be double tough with a small minority still moving around the room reminiscing, espousing the health benefits, and admitting they didn’t think it really tasted that bad.

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