4 thoughts on “When Porch Couches Are Outlawed”

  1. The closest I ever personally been to my home being on fire was while I was in an apartment during a summer session of college. Actually, what saved my unit was my neighbors (we shared a wall) were receiving a new AC unit. While it was being installed, the complex maintenance guys heard a sound they thought may be rats in the wall of the unit. So they (having authority to enter) opened the door to check the interior of the unit. That’s when they noticed the kitchen fire caused by an empty pot left on a still turned on stove. The students next door had gone to class that morning forgetting to properly clean up their breakfast.

    So I guess if this happened in Ann Arbor, they might ban what? Stoves? Pots?

    Interesting factoid, my roommate and I paid more in electric bills than rent that summer. We never got a new AC unit despite complaints that our unit couldn’t cool to sub 80F even on a cool summer day. For the rest of the summer, the new AC unit stood outside a vacant fire/smoke damaged unit. But we quit complaining, since the maintenance guys at least saved our belongings by being at the right place at the right time.

  2. Retroactive requirements seem a big problem in most cases. If the landlord says no couch on the porch in the lease that’s not a problem because you can choose not to lease. But when the government forces a new requirement I’d ask, by what right?

    The courts have said voters have no standing with regard to a politician meeting legal requirements to be on a ballot. What standing does a city have to impose rules on someone who is already an occupant? I know it happens all the time, but by what right?

  3. Morgantown, WV (home of West Virginia University) has banned putting any indoor furniture outdoors. This supposedly is to tamp down the burning of couches in the street after football games, lol!

  4. Ah yes, those freewheeling, anything goes college towns. That editorial made the inmates running the asylum sound reasonable.

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