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  1. Also, for all you pebbles in the Instalanche: don’t rag on Andrea. She’s not saying I don’t like sex or Men are just stupid horndogs. She has much more subtle things to say, and some good points, if you read carefully. Also, she’s a TT regular and a good egg. So behave.

  2. Tall John said the urge for hypergamy is buried deep in their subconscious, evolved over the aeons of human prehistory when the best breeding risk was the brute who crushed his enemies’ skulls with a rock

    Tall John, how do you suppose the Bonobos managed to survive? And have lots and lots of sex along the way.

    Never show weakness, and never seek their approval.

    I suppose you think that Alan Alda (to pick one particular well-known example of a general type of guy) had absolutely nothing to teach anyone ever, because his approach never ever worked for anyone.

  3. Bonobos also like to settle arguments by throwing feces at each other, Bob. Really, they’re natural Democrats. Surely there’s some Organizing For America outreach to them…? Let us not discriminate merely because they lack speciesship as well as citizenship…

  4. Jeez, Harry, sorry to hear about your awful wife. I must admit I don’t understand women like that at all. They think they are all about the children; what they really seem to be about is being all about control. (They initially control their husbands through sex, then when the kids are there they control them through the need to be good fathers and be seen as respectable in the community. I hope the kids turned out okay; dysfunctional marriages have far reaching consequences.)

    TallDave: it’s amazing that you have time to comment here, what with all the time you spend reading Roissy’s website — oops, I mean, your busy social life. Yeah.

    Everyone else: if it makes you feel any better, after the refreshed perspective made possible by the ingestion of copious amounts of caffeine, and a few hours, Karen realized she had possibly been a bit hard on Carl. A lunchtime phone call set all to rights, and when she got home she found a candlelit dinner ready and her favorite movie, Pride and Prejudice (the older British production with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, not the more recent production with some skinny young things in it) ready to start. She plucked the dvd out of the machine and handed him what she had purchased at the store on the way home: the complete dvd set of Band of Brothers. “Let’s watch this instead,” she said.

    However, they only made it halfway through the first episode when the conjugal bed beckoned. Carl had forgotten the chocolates, but by then so had Karen.

    And the moral is… if you are a morning person married to a night person, remember never to confront the night person with anything, no matter how pleasant, until they have had their coffee.

  5. “Print it out and tape it to her mirror, guys.”

    Who needs foreplay, when you’ve got tape and a printer?

  6. As a 55 year old prostrate cancer survivor who is now essential ED with a 59 year old breast cancer survivor wife who has been on estrogen blocking drug for nearly 5 years leaving her with no libido and nearly physically unable plumbing wise to have sex — just like me — the best advice I can give any couple is that quantity of sex is 1000x more important than quality. Have sex as often as you can. Don’t wait for “the right time”. Forget the “not in the mood” excuses. After awhile the time is never right and the mood is never there, and then it is too late.

  7. Ooh, I had another brilliant thought. Here it is: would it really be better if you had had more sex now that you’re unable to? I mean, you’d still be unable to have sex now. Wouldn’t all the memories of all that hot monkey love you had be even more tormenting? Or at least just as tormenting. I mean, when you want the meal, you want it, not the memory of the previous meal.

    Or so I’ve heard.

  8. Wouldn’t all the memories of all that hot monkey love you had be even more tormenting?

    No, because you will never look back fondly on the threesome you never had.

    Or, uh, so I’ve heard.

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