I Was A Right-Wing Obama Town Hall Crasher

An interesting story:

MTV deserves respect not only for populating the room with relatively articulate conservatives, but for actually giving those differing opinions a chance to be heard — this push on the economy was particularly well-stated. President Obama unfortunately gave little in the way of real answers. He’d hear a personal story or probing question and immediately jump off onto whatever talking point might be related to the question.

As a person, Obama was affable, kind, and gracious. When the camera turned off, he stayed after and talked to the crowd, working his way across the room and shaking hands. There were tears from a few members, and more than one person who sobbed out, “Mr. President, you inspire me more than any other person in the world.”

When he made his way over to me, he shook my hand and wished me good luck.

“Do you want the best piece of advice for a good marriage?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do whatever she tells you to do.”

I thanked him.

It’s a shame that so many conservatives were too wary of MTV to apply.

8 thoughts on “I Was A Right-Wing Obama Town Hall Crasher”

  1. The questions MTV asked the author of the article were very telling about what they view conservatives as.

    Good for MTV for allowing critical questioners. Makes me wish I had watched it now.

  2. Ugh, no wonder he’s so screwed up. Women are no nothing scatter brained busy bodies who get easily distracted by the most inconsequential of things. If he’s doing everything that Michelle says that most likely explains why he’s saying one thing one week and then some other completely other illogical thing some other week. Continuity of thought and logic over the long term is not one of woman’s strong suits. Women talk about how much harder they have to work to get in anywhere in the professional world. Well I believe them! It must take quite a bit of mental discipline and logical fortitude as a woman to keep that tendency to become sidetrack on the most asinine of things in check.

    Take Glenn Becks day out on the View where he gets berated by Whoopi Goldberg because he didn’t relay the exact details of their little run in on a train just exactly as it happened. WHO CARES!!! You get a gaggle of women together and they hem and haw over the stupidest of piddly little shit.

    Sorry it’s Friday and I’ve had a rough week dealing with administrative assistants. But this is just speaks to all the things that Helen Reynolds, a woman I whole hardily respect and frequent her blog, says that men in this day and age are just supposed to assume this push over role and succumb to the blind ideal that men are just to igerunt to know what’s right and good for them, so just say, “Yes dear, I know dear, I won’t do it again dear!” It’s fucking bullshit. *Breeeaathee Brreaathee

  3. “What is it with leftists that they only see the world in terms of who gets to control who?”

    Conservatives want the same degree of control, just over different aspects of life. That’s why I’m neither.

  4. Well, Josh, if you’ve mistaken some acidulated shrew named Whoopsie or whootever for an actual woman, maybe that’s the problem right there.

    If we insist on a lass in show business, try here and here. An actress of modesty and grace, with a BA from Yale, a mom, whose free-time projects include learning Sanskrit and triathlons, happy to romp in a Scottish field with her sweetheart, and who uses her celebrity status to hassle African heads of state about the appalling treatment of women in their cultures. A fairer representative of the possibilities of the fairer sex, even though she probably does give buckets of money to worthless Democrats, alas.

  5. Women are no nothing scatter brained busy bodies who get easily distracted by the most inconsequential of things.

    Perhaps it’s better to say men and woman often have different priorities, weaknesses and strengths. For example, my ex-wife was never distracted when it came to disagreeing with me and agreeing with every stranger on the internet no matter what the issue. Then after separating and divorcing she has found me to be the cleverest of all though I haven’t changed perspective by a measurable amount.

    I am getting a four lane highway to Hawaii however.

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