What Happened To All The Hurricanes?


The crazy 2004 and 2005 seasons were supposed to be the new normal. Pretend scientists like Al Gore said global warming was here, and we had better listen to him because he had all the answers. People pay Al Gore $200,000 to speak, but that doesn’t mean he knows anything.

I hope this is another bubble. We’d be better off paying him that much not to speak.

7 thoughts on “What Happened To All The Hurricanes?”

  1. Actually, there were quite a number of hurricanes this season. It is just most of them didn’t make landfall, particularly in the US. But then again, last year was supposed to be devastating too.

  2. I was about to say: I just saw Hurricane Paula on the news the other day. That means that there have been quite a few “named storms” this year. But, to date, few have done any damage to the U.S. Quite a few skirted the East coast and hit Bermuda, but most left us alone.

    I have a feeling that the same Jet Stream that has given the MidWest such consistent weather all summer and fall so far (clouds and rain 4-5 days a week in the summer, 2 or 3 clouds/day since late September) is responsible for keeping most of the hurricanes at bay this year.

  3. The reason there were so few hurricanes this year was due to global warming. I’m sorry, I meant climate change, or climate disruption.

  4. Simply jaw-dropping.
    This has been one of the busiest hurricane seasons since records began (currently 2nd or 3rd highest for the date) and you ask “What happened to all the hurricanes?”
    As of today (29th October) there have been 19 named storms, 10 hurricanes and 5 major hurricanes. Well over double the yearly average for the last century.
    It was already up at exactly the levels predicted for the season by the climate scientists at NOAA by 21st October, there have been another two or three named storms since then, and there is still another month to go.
    But of course if they don’t reach the USA coast they don’t exist do they? I suppose the biggest ever storm on record just yesterday has nothing to do with Global Warming either. Of course it’s true that one cannot attribute any particular once-in-a-millenia mega weather event to Global Warming any more than one can attribute any particular case of lung cancer to smoking cigarettes. Oddly enough that’s the exact same argument being made by the exact same people 30 years on. Only this time it’s about climate instead of tobacco
    Truly pathetic.

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