9 thoughts on “Misnomer”

  1. Is there a more inappropriately named woman in the world than Joy Behar?

    When I was in JRHS there was a female teacher, with a wooden leg, a hump and an eye patch. Her name was Linda Bello.

    That’s fairly inappropriate.

    But even if Behar changed her name, she’d still be a crazy, unfeeling, ignorant, foul mouthed, self important, liberal bitch. A rose by any other name…

  2. Why do people pay attention to this women and her unpleasant, shrill, tedious show? It’s nothing but a gaggle of middle-aged hens sitting around gossiping. Inexplicably someone decided this kaffee klatch belonged on tv. If I had television I’d rather be watching Bassmaster, a much better show featuring fish.

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